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New means of getting from A to B are disrupting carmaking

12 April 2021 | The Economist

The business of “mobility” in its many forms is huge, and legacy metal-bashers are racing to adapt

House prices are going ballistic

12 April 2021 |

One obsession unites the rich world: housing. In the past year billions of people have been cooped up inside their homes for hours on end. 

China’s dilemma: Growing old before it becomes rich and powerful

12 April 2021 |

For all countries, a lot depends on the dependency ratio. That is, the number of people aged under 14 and over 65, compared with the rest of the population.

With millions stuck at home, the online wellness industry is booming

05 April 2020 | The Economist

UP OFF YOUR chairs and just start lifting those feet,” chirps a woman sporting green leggings as she marches energetically. Diana Moran, a fitness expert known as the Green Goddess, was a staple of 1980s British breakfast television. Now in her 80s, she is making a comeback.

Relations between China and America are infected with coronavirus

05 April 2020 | The Economist

FACED WITH the first great crisis of his presidency, Donald Trump fell back on his go-to tactic: blame China.

The radical politics of futurists and fascists—and us, here, today

19 July 2019 | The Economist

Much of what exists originated as an inkling in the human mind. That enslaving other people is acceptable; that it is utterly heinous. 

A bleak view of the future

23 May 2019 | The Economist

ARE millennials really different from preceding generations? Bartleby tends to be cynical about such claims, recalling how the youthful idealism of his own peers was tamed by parenthood and the need to pay the mortgage.

The literature of liberalism

17 September 2018 | The Economist

The fourth and final instalment in our project to build a reading list of great liberal thinkers. The definition of liberalism has long been the source of disagreement. The tension between its various strands—such as American progressivism, libertarianism and the classical tradition

AI may not be bad news for workers

17 September 2018 | The Economist

A SPECTRE is haunting workers—the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). The fear is that smart computer programs will eliminate millions of jobs, condemning a generation to minimum-wage drudgery or enforced idleness. Never mind the robots, fear the software.

The upside of the downside

25 July 2014 | Gary Stone

UpsideTrading shares will inevitably involve some losses. Make sure you don't lose the lesson as well.

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