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Apps amp counterfeit trade

22 February 2021 | Banking Day

Encrypted messaging app Telegram has turned into an outlet for the sale of counterfeit currency with advertisers pushing the use of illegal notes in everyday transactions.

Lockdowns in Asia have sparked a stampede home

05 April 2020 | The Economist

WHERE DO YOU belong? This is not a metaphysical question. For English-speaking Indians, “belonging” to a place means simply that you come from there, as in, “I live in Delhi but belong to Bengal.” Yet for millions of migrant labourers, not only in India but across Asia, covid-19 has given the question new meaning.

Technology startups are headed for a fall

05 April 2020 | The Economist

FOR A SENSE of how covid-19 is affecting the world’s technology “unicorns”, as privately held firms worth $1bn or more have come to be known, consider two of them. Lime, a scooter-rental firm valued at $2.4bn, has halted its services in Europe and America, where most citizens have been told to stay off the streets. 

NATO’s Watford summit features a troublesome trio

27 February 2020 | The Economist

THE CELEBRATION of NATO’s 70th birthday should have been a triumphal march. The average lifespan of collective-defence alliances over the past five centuries is just 15 years. 

House prices are rising again, but will brakes be applied?

27 February 2020 | Firstlinks

The Australian housing market has steadily reaccelerated since the middle of this year. House prices across most capital cities had been falling for 21 consecutive months, but finally bottomed out in around May 2019 and are now rising again.

How ‘residential for rent’ may change Australian housing

27 February 2020 | Firstlinks

In many global cities, housing demand has typically outstripped supply over the past decade with strong housing price inflation affecting affordability. There are marked changes occurring within the global housing markets with a defined long-term trend from home ownership to rental accommodation.


It’s the end of the World Trade Organisation as we know it

27 February 2020 | The Economist

“Winter is coming,” warned a Norwegian representative on November 22nd, at a meeting of the World Trade Organisation (wto). The multilateral trading system that the wto has overseen since 1995 is about to freeze up. On December 10th two of the judges on its appellate body, which hears appeals in trade disputes and authorises sanctions against rule-breakers, will retire—and an American block on new appointments means they will not be replaced. With just one judge remaining, it will no longer be able to hear new cases.

How the Sino-American trade war is affecting commodity markets

27 February 2020 | The Economist

COMMODITY PRICES have been on a rollercoaster ride in the past few years. Spurred by Chinese demand, they reached a giddy peak in 2011. Oversupply and fears of an emerging-market slowdown led to a long decline until 2016. Then prices were starting to recover, until President Donald Trump began raising American import tariffs in 2018.

Global financial markets may be in the midst of a major moment in history

19 August 2019 | ABC

What's that old saying about wood and trees? For most of us, most of the time, it's not all that apparent when you're at a pivotal point in history. 

'Very compelling argument': Apple chief Tim Cook raises Samsung concerns with Trump

19 August 2019 | Jennifer Jacobs and Mark Gurman

President Donald Trump said Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook voiced concerns about chief competitor Samsung Electronics getting an edge because its products, unlike Apple's, won't be subject to tariffs when imported by the US.

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