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Echo chamber

18 June 2013 | Staff reporters

Echo EntertainmentThe news that Echo Entertainment chief executive John Redmond is promising to invest more than $1billion to protect his casino monopoly in Sydney and "crush" James Packer’s bid to build a six-star hotel and invitation-only casino in Barangaroo should be a warning to investors.

Making Money From Traffic

17 June 2013 | Staff reporters

TrafficOne of the best defensive investments is Transurban. Taking tolls from traffic is a far more predictable revenue stream than many otyer sectors and the company has managed to avoid the debt disasters that have afflicted other toll road companies. 

The Tribulations of Metals Pricing Hit Lynas

16 June 2013 | Staff reporters

MetalsManaging a resources company means dealing with the unexpected. Lynas has had a difficult job getting approval for its Malaysian processing site. Now it has had to deal with lower prices for rare earths. The long term prospects for rare earths look sound, especially with heavy dominance by China. 

AMP: Should You Invest Your Super in a Super Company?

06 June 2013 | Staff reporters

Wealth management may be good defensiveAMP is the purest stock market play on wealth management. In particular, the raising of the super contribution from 9% to 12% will benefit the company, creating much higher inflows. The company has also achieved synergies from its merger with AXA. It has a reasonable capital position. 

Why has mining been so disappointing?

04 June 2013 | Staff reporters

Mining a disappointmentA report by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) has pointed out what would have been obvious to many super investors. Mining returns have been disappointing, despite the fact that the sector is going through a once in a life time boom. In the Financial Review today.

Atlas shrugs off its funding issues but risks remain

04 June 2013 | Staff reporters

Risks remainAtlas Iron is the fourth or fifth largest listed iron ore producer and a pure iron ore play, unlike the big conglomerates. According to bank of America Merrill Lynch, "capital intensity is low and funidng has been sorted". This makes it a bit more reassuring than some others. BAML goes on:

Commodity prices under pressure

03 June 2013 | Staff reporters

Under pressureThere is further evidence that commodity prices are coming under pressure, which is likely to result in both a weaker $A and weaker Australian economy. The case to diversify out of the Australian economy is growing.

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