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Can Arthur Sinodinis remember what FOFA is?

04 April 2014 | Slithershanks

 Forgetful Arthur SinodinisSlithershanks think it's time to rush to the aid of Arthur Sinodinis, who is clearly having a little trouble with his memory.

Slithershanks says 'Be kind to bankers.'

28 March 2014 | PSI

SlithershanksSeveral reasons why we really like bankers after all.

The year of the blindfold donkey

21 March 2014 | PSI

donkeySome important defintions about life in the financial sector.

How to produce better productivity statistics

05 February 2014 | PSI

“StatisticsThe downward trend in graphs of Australia's productivity has a simple solution. Turn the graphs upside down. They will look much better.

Government to declare war on itself

13 December 2013 | PSI

“war”Governments could monitor their own surveillance and decide it is against the national interest. Then they could knock on their own doors at 3 a.m. and put themselves in handcuffs, while making sure to ban any press coverage. After all, we must have privacy.

Chick magnet avoids bird flu

06 December 2013 | PSI

"What does SMSF stand for? Is it: a)  Succubus Martes Solipsis Facto, which is Latin for Succubus Martes Solipsis Facto?"



Rots of ruck

22 November 2013 | PSI

 LuckEconomists have a great liking for the "R" letter in their economic anarysis. Sorry, analysis. No, on second thoughts, let's go back to anarysis. It seems to have a nicer ring to it.


White paper can't jump

15 November 2013 | PSI

 whitepapers Some important points of clarification about why not-for-profits are not-for very much at all, and why the Tax Office is skilled at using other people's money to get other people's money.

Of elephants and rewriting Shakespeare.

18 October 2013 | PSI

ElephantsSome important definitions of words in commun use in the financial sector. Certain to help you jump off that bridge when you come to it, after making sure that the rolling stone is gathering moss after the horse has bolted.

Two heads face off

04 October 2013 | PSI

liarIn today's column we examine the art of having two faces in financial and property advice, the mysteries of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment and certain insights into risk management that are only whispered in quiet places amongst consenting fee structures, if at all.

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