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Banks run equal race

06 November 2013 | PSI

 RaceA rule of thumb in investment is that big companies which enjoy large market shares rarely outperform each other in the longer term. This has been the case in Australia's concentrated banking sector, which increasingly dominates the ASX.

A mixed Australian investment environment (and annuities)

01 November 2013 | Broker reports editor

 AuInvestmentsA broker has had a close look at three sectors in the Australian investment environment. There has also been a consideration of the role of annuities in providing predictable low risk income. No easy options are on offer and pursuing yield can have dangers, as a Citi strategist warns.

Will the ASX copy America?

29 October 2013 | Broker reports editor

“AS”XThere are some similarities between what happened to the US economy and what is about to happen to the Australian economy. Will the ASX, as America's stock market did, perform well because of high profitability? The omens are mixed.

Picking the right sectors and companies

23 October 2013 | Broker reports editor

PickingThe mining sctor has shrunk sharply over the last two years while banks and consumer staples have increased in size, according to a report by Boston Consulting Group. The report gives some pointers to how to identify sectors and companies in which to invest.

Derivative use a concern

23 October 2013 | PSI

concern The increasing use of derivatives in SMSFs is becoming a concern. It was derivatives that were largely to blame for the global financial crisis and the risks have not gone away.

The dark labyrinths of super

17 October 2013 | Melissa Peters

ComplexThe super industry has many layers of management. Big industry funds outsource much of the investment to outside providers. Little of this is transparent to superannuants. It is very much a case of 'trust me.'


Three consequences of the US debt deal

17 October 2013 | PSI

DealConsequencesThe American political impasse seems to be over. What are the implications, especialy for asset allocation? A quick look at some of the possibilities as the market absorbs the implications.

Million dollars not enough super

23 September 2013 | Staff reporter

Young workers can expect to have over $1 million when they retire, but it will probably not be enough. It is an argument for salary sacrificing relatively early.

How Speculators Disrupt and What To Do

17 July 2013 | Staff reporter


The biggest problem for super fund investors is understanding what causes sudden and unpredictable changes in the assets in which they invest. Simon Bond, for RBS Morgans comments that financial markets are driven by traders. The tail is wagging the dog.

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