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Why markets can be mad, bad and dangerous to know

18 February 2014 | PSI

Strategy"Humans are economically rational" is one of the best jokes ever produced by the otherwise dull economics profession. Humans are in fact irrational, veering between fear and greed. A behavioural economist explains why.

Be yourself, know thyself

18 December 2013 | Staff reporter

knowSMSF investors should understand their own biases and tendencies if they are to make sound decisions. It is possible for very different people to do well, but self knowledge is key.

Why herds exist

25 October 2013 | PSI

HerdsWhy are markets irrational? It is a question that has exercised analysts and frustrated investors of the centuries and it is not about to be solved. But at least the latest Nobel prizes have given the question some attention.

Are companies that give back cash good plays?

15 October 2013 | PSI

GoodPlay Should companies invest for the future or hand the cash back to investors? It is one of the perennial problems in management and investing. Recent research suggests that there is too much of a bias towards handing back cash to investors, creating valuation distortions and a dangerously low level of investment for future strength.

Investor Philosophy: Investing in the right place, at the right time.

16 September 2013 |

Time for successInvesting in the right place, at the right time, can make a big difference to the returns over the life of the investment. The right structure and implementation can have a major influence on the amount of income you could receive when you  retire. Building the right portfolio takes time and the structure is crucial. The time to start building the right portfolio is now and you need to construct it in the way that will deliver the greatest benefit from the available funds.

Time To Buy Equities?

17 June 2013 |

Buy equities?Broker UBS has a modestly bullish take on the local stock market. The market has fallen by over 10% in a month, the All Ords showing its customary aversion to staying over 5000. So it may be time to buy. 

Super Funds and the Traps of Trusting Experts

06 June 2013 | Staff reporters

Super trapsThe blogger Alex Dunnin had an interesting debate about Super Funds' use of external investment "specialists" . It is more confirmation of the big leap of faith that superannuants make when they do not manage the money themselves.

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