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Currency wars and deflation

23 October 2014 |

WarsMany developed economies are trying to keep their currencies weak in order to keep deflation away. A weak currency makes imports more expensive, which creates inflation.

The $A weakens amid global clouds

16 October 2014 |

CurrencyAs the $A falls, it has an uneven effect on local stocks. Importers do worse, exporters do better, and companies that have large foreign investor bases come under pressure.

Is capital fading away?

14 October 2014 |

fadingAs capitalism enters its late stages, those who have the money no longer have the same power. The low investment returns of the last few years may be a sign of things to come.

Is deflation about to hit Europe?

14 October 2014 |

EuroThere are signs of falling inflation in Europe, which is a concern to the world economy. Attempts to deal with deflationary pressures is part of what caused the global financial crisis.

The era of deflation

02 October 2014 |

SqueezeDeflationary pressures have been felt across the developed world for about two decades. It is an important point to remember for DIY super investors.

Cross currents hit

23 September 2014 |

Cross windThe $A is falling, the stock market is losing this year's gains, and the US markets are in bubble territory. How should it all be interpreted?

The Fed makes the big shift

18 September 2014 |

ShiftThe US Federal Reserve's shift on interest rates is the most important change in the financial markets since the GFC. It will have an effect on investments around the world.

The GFC is still with us

16 September 2014 |

GFCWhen interest rates rise in the US, it will be a test of a fragile global financial system. Because the stresses caused by the GFC remain.

Preparing, badly, for a crash

19 May 2014 |

CrashInvestment professionals are skilled at stating the obvious -- that there is a worrying asset bubble in the global markets. This is hardly surprising considering how much governments have been printing money. But then many are fully invested. Go figure.

Savings "glut": more bull from economists

09 May 2014 |

SavingsThe idea that money is a quantity of "stuff" (a bit like water) is deeply misleading. It leads economists into blind alleys, deceived by their own metaphors. Money is transactions. You can't literally have a "glut" of transactions.

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