April 2015


Is the Future Fund telling us something?

28 April 2015 | David James

attentionThe Future Fund, which funds the superannuation of Australian public servants, is withdrawing from the market claiming it is over priced. Meanwhile, the RBA governor warns about the perils of chasing yield.

Should wealthy superannuants be taxed?

26 April 2015 | David James

ideaThe current focus on 'wealthy' superannuants may have some justification, but the big problem lies elsewhere -- the tax rorts in the property market.

The myth of stock picks

01 April 2015 | David James

mythIs there really such a thing as a good stock tip? Or is it simply a matter of luck as to whether or not it works?


The myth of timing

29 April 2015 |

Most investors think that the most important decision they will make is when to go into the market. The evidence says they are wrong.


Is there growing SMSF disillusionment?

23 April 2015 |

quitThere may be some signs of a growing number of people closing down their SMSFs. But if so, it is only a recent trend.




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