May 2021

Investment News

A tale of two supermarket chains

05 May 2021 | David James

Woolworths, along with Coles, is one of the two dominant supermarket chains in Australia, although it can no longer be called as simple duopoly with competitors such as Aldi gaining traction in the market. Investors in the Australian market inevitably compare the two, concluding that Woolworths is fully priced.

Not entirely convincing

04 May 2021 | David James

The iron ore price is soaring but analysts have a mixed view on Fortescue Metals Group.

The Budget – not as bad as thought

04 May 2021 | David James

Australia’s Budget position is looking surprisingly sound given the damage caused by the pandemic lockdowns. It suggests that investment conditions are not as dire as they might have been.

Big Picture

Bullish estimates on earnings a sign of growing normality in shares

06 May 2021 | David James

There are growing signs of an improvement in corporate earnings estimates, especially in Australia but also in the US and Europe. The 70 per cent jump in local estimates has implications for investors, indicating a return to something more “normal”.

The madness of king greenback

04 May 2021 | David James

The biggest problem facing investors is the irrationality of the global markets, which introduces high levels of uncertainty.