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White paper can't jump

PSI |  15 November 2013  |  News


It has been suggested that what is needed is a white paper on the Australian superannuation system. What will we most be looking out for? Well, the paper must be white. True, it is the black letters on the white paper that really matter. You know, the bits you read. So I suppose it could be a pink paper. Blue paper would have been quite nice, too. But really, white is fine. Paper is paper. No more, no less. Here are some definitions that look nice on paper.

Corporate Social Responsibility. A way for companies to take responsibility for their belief that society only exists when they say it does.

Directors’ Duty. To get paid as handsomely as possible before anyone figures out how useless you are.


Fiscal Cliff. Although this has been avoided so far, it is final proof that the world’s biggest economy is run by a bunch of lemmings.

Management books. Full of classics, such as Five Ways to Be Two Faced.

Not for profits. Organisations that are skilled in spending money they don’t have in order to make changes to society they can’t achieve.

Order of Australia. In the finance industry, an accolade that is given out about two years before a Court Order of Australia.

Tax Office. A bureaucracy that spends an inordinate amount of money taking away other people’s money.




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