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Two heads face off

PSI |  04 October 2013  |  News

liarIt may be true that in investment two heads are better than one, but who likes to get their advice from two headed creatures? That would be really weird, frankly. Of course, many of us are used to getting advice from two faced creatures, such as bankers and accountants. But that is just the way of the world. While we ponder on these momentous matters, here are some two sided words.
CPAs. Certified practicing accountants. One day, they hope to be able to stop practicing and do some real accounting. One day.

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. A great novel by the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who started out life as a hedge fund manager, only to discover that hedge funds hadn’t been invented yet. He tried to console himself with a gambling addiction, the closest thing to a hedge fund at the time, but eventually had to get a real job. Well, he tried, but finished up writing books instead. But getting back to Crime and Punishment, it is the story of a murderer called Raskolnikov, who tries to trick everyone by calling himself Raskolnikov. He murders a little old lady because that is what was written in Dostoyevsky’s plot and is eventually caught. Not happy, he sues Tolstoy for not including him in one of his novels. Raskolnikov wins and spends the rest of his life as Napoleon in War and Peace, which allows him to wear some pretty nifty cream trousers. 


RISK FREE. Words that, when uttered by a financial adviser, usually indicate there is almost no risk that the adviser will successfully avoid jail time.



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