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Super funds have stellar year

Staff reporter |  23 September 2013  |  Investing

Super investing is a long term game. But some years can be a surprise. After some terrible years in the wake of the GFC, last financial year was a good one for professional super investors. The average balanced fund returned 14.7 per cent in 2012-13. There was considerable variance. Some funds returned a paltry 10 per cent, while others earned their members 20 per cent plus. And that can make a huge difference to your retirement funds.

Here are the industry averages:

  • High growth - 20.4 per cent
  • Growth - 17.1 per cent
  • Balanced - 14.7 per cent
  • Australian shares - 21.1 per cent
  • International shares - 26.1 per cent
  • Property - 11.0 per cent
  • Fixed interest - 4.7 per cent
  • Cash - 2.9 per cent


This, of course, is before the extracting of fees and charges. That is rarely reported with any great transparency. And one good year is often followed by a poor year; it is a marathon not a sprint.



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