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Budging on the budget

05 August 2014  |  News

BudgetThe Federal Budget does seem to be in some trouble, due to a disturbing amount of democvracy in the Senate.It is to be hoped that something is done about that, and fast.

Meanwhile, I cannot remember if 2014 is the year of the dog, pig or donkey, but it will certainly be another year of the Cart before the Horse. Inflation will cause prices to rise. The economy will lead to a spate of economic indicators that will tell us whether we are economic or not. Workers will finally discover what it is to be human by learning from the Human Resources department how the core capabilities of their knowledge capital relate to the relevant company-wide benchmarks on an industry basis. Marketing departments might even convince customers to buy their products because they are in the AB demographic, with 2.3 children and no credit card limit. In the meantime, here are some words to horse around with.

Australian competition law. Do you like a joke? Here’s one.

Consultant. Shorthand for charlatan.


Holidays. An opportunity to contemplate the things that matter, like global warming, the crisis of spirit in Western civilisation, the egregiously high fees of financial advisers, Britney Spears’ parenting difficulties, the impossibility of finding a reasonable work life balance in the twenty first century work force. By the time you have finished with that lot, you will be happy to get back to work just to get your mind off things.

Learning organizations. No-one is quite sure how learning organisations can learn anything, but they do seem to have learned from consultants that they are learning organizations.

Property. A financial asset that has a most unusual property – convincing people it will never fall in price.

Self regulation. Like asking a mosquito to cure malaria.


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