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Do higher commodity prices point to inflation?

David James  | 29 Apr 2021  |  Investment News

Commodity prices are returning to pre-covid levels, which may be a sign that the global money printing is starting to feed into inflation. Are higher interest rates coming?

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A tale of two supermarket chains

David James |  05 May 2021  |  Investment News

Woolworths, along with Coles, is one of the two dominant supermarket chains in Australia, although it can no longer be called as simple duopoly with competitors such as Aldi gaining traction in the market. Investors in the Australian market inevitably compare the two, concluding that Woolworths is fully priced.

The madness of king greenback

David James |  04 May 2021  |  Big Picture

The biggest problem facing investors is the irrationality of the global markets, which introduces high levels of uncertainty.

Mixed picture in housing

David James |  30 Apr 2021  |  Investment News

Australia’s residential housing prices do not seem to have been harmed as much as many expected by the epidemic. But the picture is complex.

House prices are going ballistic

 |  25 Apr 2021  |  Investment News

One obsession unites the rich world: housing. In the past year billions of people have been cooped up inside their homes for hours on end.