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    Global financial markets may be in the midst of a major moment in history

    ABC |  What's that old saying about wood and trees? For most of us, most of the time, it's not all that apparent when you're at a pivotal point in history.
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    Terrorists turn to bitcoin to raise money

    The Age  |  New York:Hamas, the militant Palestinian group, has been designated a terrorist organisation by Western governments and some others and has been locked out of the traditional financial system. But this year, its military wing has developed an increasingly sophisticated campaign to raise money using bitcoin.
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    The radical politics of futurists and fascists—and us, here, today

    The Economist |  Much of what exists originated as an inkling in the human mind. That enslaving other people is acceptable; that it is utterly heinous.
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    A bleak view of the future

    The Economist |  ARE millennials really different from preceding generations? Bartleby tends to be cynical about such claims, recalling how the youthful idealism of his own peers was tamed by parenthood and the need to pay the mortgage.
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    The literature of liberalism

    The Economist |  The fourth and final instalment in our project to build a reading list of great liberal thinkers.The definition of liberalism has long been the source of disagreement. The tension between its various strands—such as American progressivism, libertarianism and the classical tradition
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    The Economist’s new China column: Chaguan

    The Economist |  GIVEN his love of Chinese teahouses, Mr Yang, a retired academic from Chengdu, was born in the right place at a terrible time. Within living memory his home town, the capital of Sichuan province, had boasted more than 600 teahouses, orchaguan. Some were famous for storytellers or opera.
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The plot to kill off tough new wage fraud laws

SMH  |  07 April 2017  |  News

Shocking cases of wage fraud in the big brands of 7-Eleven, Domino's, Caltex and United Petroleum, ricochet across the country, prompting all sides of politics to promise new legislation to rein in systemic wage fraud.

Or so we thought.


In the weeks before the election the Turnbull government promised to change the law to make franchisors jointly responsible with their franchisees for workplace abuses if they have significant control or influence on the franchisee.

It sounded reasonable enough.

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